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Tzlil and Carmit

Our names are Tzlil and Carmit.
We are 16 years old.
We learn in "Harel" High School in Mevasseret Zion, near the city
Jerusalem.We also live in Mevasseret Zion.

We love to listen to music and also love to read books.

In the literature class we have read the book "Black Box". The writer of
this book is Amos Oz.

Black Box is about a relationship between separated cuple. The man is called
Alex and the woman's name is Ilana.  They have a son named Boaz. Boaz is in
our age, 16, and maybe because of that we can understand him better.

Our opinion about the book:

Carmit: "At the beginning of the book I didn't like the book because I
didn't find any interesting thing in the book, but after that we talked
about in the class, I started to love it a little bit."
Tzlil: "I like the book in the beginning and I really love Boaz. His
programs sometimes remind mine, so I can understand him well".

We will love to hear your opinion of "Black Box" and your opinion of the
Greek book.

Carmit and Tzlil

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Tzlil's E-mail:


Esty and Tal


We are Esty and Tal, and we are from "Harel" high school in Mevasseret Zion,
Israel. We are sixteen years old, Almost seventeen. We are in Literature
class with another 13 kids from our grade.

We read the book "Black Box" by Amos Oz. We think that the book was good and
interesting. The book is about our society in the 70's and now, divorce,
first and old love and more.

Amos Oz is one of the most famous writers in Israel - and we love him hear.

We are very happy to be part of this project. We where very happy to hear
that we are going to be in touch with students from Greece, and to learn one
of the most famous books there. We want you to send us an E-mail and we want
to learn about you!!

Hope to hear from you.

Esty and Tal

From Israel!



Adi and Alon


Our names are Adi and Alon.

We are in eleven grade and we are learning in Harel High School in
Mevasseret Zion, near Jerusalem.

Adi likes to dance, go to parties and listen to music and like to learn
sport and literature.

Alon likes to play football and go to football matches, go to parties and
learn sport.

We read the book "Black Box" and we hope that you will love it, because we
really enjoy reading this book.

The book's structure is like a collection of letters, that the characters
write to each other. The characters are different and special and we really
like Alex.

We really want to know about the book that you read ("The teacher with the
golden eyes").

We are waiting to you answer.

Adi and Alon

Our E-mail is:


Karin, Zohar and Naomi


We are Karin, Zohar and Naomi and we're 16 years old. We live in Israel, In
a town near Jerusalem (Called Mevasseret Zion). We study in "Harel" High
School in eleven grade, and we are really excited to write you, and we hope
you'll write us back.

We read the book "Black Box" by Amos Oz, the same book that you were suppose
to read. The book describes the main conflicts in the Israeli society -
conflicts between religious people and unreligious people, and between the
different political parties.

The book is very interesting and if you have questions about it you can
always ask us.

We really hope to hear from you again and to hear a little about your book.

Sincerely yours,

Naomi, Karin and Zohar